Let's make it functional for the nice weather that's either here or on it's way!


Here are some fun ways to organize your garage using things you probably already have around the house. 

  1. Have an old file cabinet laying around you're not really utilizing? Check out this great idea adding a little paint, throw on some caster wheels, and you have a new place for all those bulky gardening tools that are propped up against the wall that fall over all the time, possibly causing damage to your car or hits you in the head...... what? (You know it's happened to you...)

Photo from: How Does She?

See all instructions and several other great ideas over at;

How Does She?

2. What do you do with all your old keys? Don't toss them! Re-purpose them! Here's a great idea to turn them into a hanger for all the keys you're still using, or use it to hang your jewelry, or how about in your closet to hang you belts, (just space them farther apart to make room for large buckles). 

re-purpose keys

Photo credit: Mail & Key Holders


3. How about using a paper towel holder mounted to the garage wall, right over the trash can. Here's a great grab and go concept for your trash bags so they're easily accessible for gardening, lining your garage floor for a paint job you have in mind, or maybe just to fill up with items for donation to help de-clutter your garage ;).

trash bag holder

photo credit: Listotic

4. Do you have spray paint cans cluttering up your shelves in your garage like I do? They tip over, and come rolling off the shelf usually hitting something else on the way down, and before I know it, I have an avalanche on my hands! Here's a cheap solution meant for shoes but works perfect for spray paint cans! Not only does it get your spray paint off the shelves opening up space for other things, but it lets you see all the colors you have so you don't go out and buy duplicate colors! I've seen them at the Dollar Tree! 

spray paint holder

photo credit: Apartmentherapy

5. Old Tin Trash Cans, they seem to be a thing of the past these days replaced by the large plastic flip lid garbage cans that seem to be virtually indestructible. But here's a great idea if you happen to still have some, or are just needing to get some plants planted and spruce up your garden with something unique and sturdy! Maybe you don't have much room for a garden, but want to have fresh herbs for summer cooking. Throw some wheels on the bottom of these tin buckets, tins, and trash cans and roll your garden wherever you want! This is great for plants that need full sun, or if your hose doesn't reach all the way around your house. Roll your flowers to the source! Don't forget, you can paint them too!

mobile garden

 painted trash cans

Photo credit: ThePointe.com

6.  Gardening Storage can take up a lot of room in your garage. Here are a few ideas that not only can be used for gardening tools, but basically anything. I love finding ways to use old crates, or pallet flats because I love the look of old wood. Throw on some shellac or paint to clean them up a bit. Nail them together to make a shelving system and not only do you have something functional to help get junk off the ground in the garage, but also create a rustic and unique work of art! 


old boxes

pallet ideas

photo credit: Glamshelving


photo credit: http://www.recycled-things.com/crafts/things-to-make-out-of-wooden-pallets/