1. Change out your Hardware.

Nothing dates your house quite like having hardware that screams “I haven’t been updated for over a decade” like your hardware. If you don’t have it in your budget to replace it with new, try painting it! You can also get your hardware in bulk for great prices online. 

Paint what you have:

paint what you have

Bathroom Pulls:

Bathroom pulls overstock

Cabinet Bar Pulls:

bar bulls overstock

4 Piece Hardware Set:  


2. Enhance Curb Appeal.

First impressions are important! Curb Appeal is crucial and showing you pay attention to details sets the tone. I’m not just talking about painting your number on the curb or mailbox out front. Try something fun and new like some of these ideas.

Modern House Numbers:

modern house numbers

Or why not get two for one by adding a great planter box and putting your house number on it!


Update your yard with drought tolerant plants

Privacy Fence.

Here are 10 more inexpensive fence ideas, or even better, build a fence out of old pallets for next to nothing!


Shutters: Details can make a huge difference in the way a home presents itself to a potential buyer.

Exterior Paint:

Kick up your curb appeal by adding a fresh coat of paint color to your front door. 

Check out this great free app called Front Door App that lets you play around with different colors! Paint your Door App  


3. Update your bathrooms.

Here are a few easy projects for under $100 each!

a.    Framed Mirror: See how to frame your own mirror for much less than ordering a custom frame for your mirror

b.   Painted Cabinets: This is an inexpensive way to change the entire look of your bathroom. Here are a couple of blogs that offer step by step guides (with pictures) on how to give your bathroom cabinets a face lift.  

And here are two more links:




c.     Lighting: Changing out your lighting fixtures changes the entire mood of your bathroom. Here are a few ideas to modernize some old lighting fixtures. You can even do this all throughout the house!

Industrial Pendant

Pendant Shade:

Mason Jar

d.   Storage Space: People looking to buy your home need to see there is plenty of room for their things. Here are some great ideas to maximize your available space for your bathroom.

Chunky Shelves

Over the door shelf

Towel Holders

Over the Toilet

1.   4. Add a Bedroom:

      Many people have an office space or a room in their house that is unassigned when they go to list their home because there’s no closet space. That room doesn’t do you any favors when trying to sell your home if it doesn’t count as an actual bedroom. Here are some ideas of how to accomplish that to increase the value of your home. 

Make a Closet:


Instant Closet System

1.   5. Update your appliances:

Newer appliances provide a big value boost, some companies have full kitchen packages for under $3,000! If you’re not able to invest in all new appliances, here are a couple of ideas that can help unify the look of a kitchen or laundry room without breaking the budget.

DIY Sticky Contact Paper:


Great Kitchen appliance options:

DIY Butcher block Counter Top: