Don’t open any new credit cards or lines of credit. Opening new lines of credit can lower your credit score and reflect poorly when you get ready to close.

Along the same lines, don’t buy a new car or new furnishing for the house. We all know you’re trolling the internet to find the perfect couch for your new living room but wait until you have a living room to put it in.

Don’t close any credit accounts. You may feel you’re making a wise move by paying down and closing the account but your credit score is better served if you pay the balance down and leave the account open.

Don’t get behind on payments or let your checking account go negative. A late payment or insufficient funds charge may raise red flags and inhibit your ability to get a mortgage.

Don’t spend your savings. Not only will you need money for the down payment and closing costs, mortgage companies like to see that you can weather a financial storm.

Finally, don’t move any money without a paper trail. Your lender will need documentation for all transactions to make sure you really have enough money.

Remember if you have any questions on what you should and should not do, ask your realtor who is here to help make your homeownership dream come true.