Hello, this is Rex Jarnagin with the Elite Home team…

Thanks again for tuning into our video. I really do hope this information is helpful to you.

Today we’re gonna be talking about some of the best tips to get your home ready to sell this spring season.

First I want to mention, if your curious about your home value, click the link below, it will show you what all your neighbors have recently sold their houses for.

If you’re interested in seeing what’s on the market right now, we have a link to search the MLS below too.

So this is the time of year when we start hearing from a lot of our clients and they start asking the same questions.

What upgrades should we do to our home before we sell it this spring or what things can we do to best prepare our home for sale this spring?

I want to start by saying this; be very careful when considering improvements.

Market conditions and timing are the MOST important things to consider when selling your home...before putting any money into your house.

It will shock you at how little affect many improvements have on the value or the salability of your house.

Make sure you get an expert opinion before spending any time or money preparing your home. 

Spending too much time “Getting Ready” can often cost a home owner money when selling. 

The timing strategy is essential when you want to get the most money for your home.

Now, all homes are different, all neighborhoods are different and really every situation is different, but there are a handful of things that a homeowner can do, on a budget

or at no cost to get ready to sell.

These things are assured to give you the most return on an investment on both your time and money when it comes to putting your home for sale this spring.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

One of the best things that you can do to prepare your home for sale is really just focus on curb appeal. Meaning manicure your lawn or landscaping, wash the sidewalks, the driveway, the sides of the home, remove all debris, clean the light fixtures on the outside of the home. 

The second thing that you can do that will go a long way is really remove all of that excess clutter from the interior of the home - knickknacks, things on countertops and in the kitchen. Declutter. Less is more.  

The third thing is probably the most important. A good old fashioned deep cleaning from top to bottom. It’s a good idea if you can afford it to bring in a professional cleaning service. Wipe or replace all the light bulbs and fixtures. Clean all the tiles, the wood floors, the door jams, the fans, really clean to give home buyers that the best first impression.

Give us a call if you need help with this. We have help for you here if you need it.

One important tip that can really help is clean up the furnace and hot water heater. Buyers will often look the furnace area over. Wipe everything down and make it glow.  Change the filters and discard old ones. This really shows what a meticulous homeowner you are.

Under the right circumstances, a nice fresh coat of paint can really help when needed. Use light and neutral colors. It will make the home feel bigger, it will make it feel cleaner.

Now this is VERY IMPORTANT: While you’re doing these things. Make sure you have a FULL pre-marketing plan on selling. Letting buyers know that you will be for sale is essential. Get that marketing started right away or YOU WILL LOSE SOME BUYERS.

We have a complete selling guide we’ve written with quite a bit more information and tips in getting ready to sell. Let us know and we’ll get that over to you. We can email it or mail it.

If you want some help with a timing strategy or are just curious about your value, let us know and we’ll help you out.  

If there is anything at all we can do to help you, let us know