You know, a question I'm often asked is what should you do if you haven't found the home you want to buy yet, but you know you want to move and sell your home.

Which comes first?  Do you list your home or do you find a new place first?

That’s a really good question…

And there really is quite a lot to consider here.

But in most cases, you really have to list your home first.

And here is why:

Right now, we really have to consider the market and what is going on out there with buyers and sellers. 

We’re working with buyers and sellers every day and we understand the market very well.

In most price ranges, sellers are often getting multiple offers on their homes.  Often, they won’t even consider an offer from a buyer that has to list and sell first.  Especially if their house isn’t even listed. That’s the worst negotiating position a buyer can be in.

If the house is listed or under contract it really changes your offer in the sellers’ eyes.

There is just no way around it.  You have to list your home first.

We do understand that this is really stressful to you.  We get it.  Remember, we do this every day and help people through this situation all of the time.  We can make it all come together just right.

Now, we've found over the years there's three key things you can do to really put yourself in the best position.

First thing… Right away, we pre-market your house for 4 to 5 days before showings and this helps a lot.

So what we'll do is while you’re looking for the home you want to buy we'll get all the marketing set up.

We'll get the pictures taken, the listing remarks written, let all of the top agents and buyers know that your home is coming for sale, but not actually be on the open market, so that you're not losing market time, so the clocks not ticking and you’re not losing buyers. Then, after you’ve started your search, we can just flip the switch, go on the market, and now we're two to three months ahead of where we would have been if we would have started at that moment.

Secondly, and really the key to everything is this; we put your home on the market and we can let all the buyers and agents know, up front, what your situation is. We can give you as much time as you need. That way you can search for a new home with little hassle, with less stress, knowing that you have that flexibility.

Then 3rd if an offer comes, we can really negotiate hard to get you the time you need.

Please, if you'd like to discuss in more detail, or have question please, email or call me.