Less competition

Many people think that best time to buy is during the spring/summer months with the hopes to get settled before the new school year. This creates a seller’s market. Historically, December has the lowest home prices of the season and with less people looking you will be less likely to get into a bidding war for the home you want.

Serious Sellers

Someone who is selling in December is probably doing so because they need to sell and would like to get the tax advantages before the end of the year. This may translate to a greater willingness, from the seller, to agree to concessions or consider a lower offer.

Better Interest Rates and Faster Closings

Banks will sometimes offer lower interest rates and/or fees to secure your business since they have less people who are looking for mortgages. In addition, because they would like the get the business before the close of the year, closings can happen in a shorter time frame. We would be happy to refer you to a mortgage broker who will help you figure out what is best for you.

Enjoying the Summer Months

Buying in the winter means you won’t be spending your free time in spring and summer looking for a new home.  You will be able to take the kids to Water World instead of packing, Elitches instead of looking for a new home.

With some planning and effort you can find the perfect home for you during the winter months. Then you can enjoy a backyard BBQ in the warmer months rather than getting caught up in the home buying frenzy of the spring and summer months.